The Johnnie Walker Tasting Table Event

The Johnnie Walker Tasting Table Event

JW Striding Man
The Johnnie Walker Striding Man
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The Johnnie Walker Tasting Table Event

Houston, Texas

Hey there folks!  Sorry for being quiet for the past few days… I took a small break for Easter time.  How have all of you been?  Anybody drink any interesting drams recently?

Well, a few weeks ago, I attended a whisky event hosted by Johnnie Walker.  It was a lot of fun and very interesting.

I presented this live via Periscope.  I hope to bring more events and videos through this format in the future.  Those of you that follow me on Twitter may have already seen a few of my live streams.

Anyway, the event was very cool.  At the registration table you were presented with a black card that was your ‘ticket’ to the tasting table experience.  I noticed that while registering, the hostess activated the card with some sort of RFID equipment.  I was afraid of some sort of government thing as everyone outside was dressed in black.  Luckily, no one had dark sunglasses.  I guess that was the saving grace… and whisky of course.

The Black Card
The Black Card
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Once we got in, we were escorted to a table with a glass top.  On the table were glass domes covering various things like vanilla pods, wood, and grain.  In front of us, on the table was a wooden station that held a glass of water, two small glasses of water, and a Johnnie Walker striding man pin.  We were asked to place the black card on the wooden station.  The card was used to activate the table we were standing next to.  So as the host began talking, the table wold illustrate his story in pictures or highlight the objects under the domes.  It was a really high tech experience to be tasting whisky and visualize part of the story on the table in front of you. Click the box below for the video.  It will give you a small glimpse of how it worked.

#JWTastingTable in #Houston

Our host was Dr Thomas Turner, Ambassador for Johnnie Walker.  He was really amazing and hilarious.  The highlights of the evening were the Johnnie Walker Black and Double Black.  I hope to do some posts on those in the near future.  The entire evening was really amazing and made for a ton of enjoyment.  I actually had several videos that I streamed that evening.  Unfortunately, all of the videos did not transfer to my phone.  Bummer.  Anyway, I hope you can join me on my next live stream on Periscope @jerrydmann

Johnnie Walker Distilleries
Samples from the various distilleries that make up Johnnie Walker
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So now that you’ve been there and done that, you may want the t-shirt.  My buddy, Scotch Trooper, makes the t-shirts that you saw me wearing in the video.  Take a look at his blog.  The proceeds from the t-shirts support research for Parkinson’s Disease.

I’ll close up now.  Stay in the know and stay safe… and as always, be responsible when enjoying your dram!


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    1. jerrydmann

      It was a lot of fun. And sure… you make great t-shirts and for a great cause!

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