Summer Drams

Summer Drams

Summer Drams

Whisky for Warmer Weather
Summer: Kentucky Derby
Mint Juleps and the Derby
Pic courtesy Picjumbo

Howdy folks!  How’s the week been so far?  Summer. It’s approaching and things are heating up here down south and it doesn’t seem like it will cool down anytime soon.  So what whisky would you drink in the heat?

Over the weekend, there was the famous Kentucky Derby that took place.  The famous horse race that has a lot of tradition associated with it… traditions such as seersucker suits, big hats, and mint juleps.  Since the race takes place in the south of the US in a hot climate where bourbon is made, it only makes sense to have a drink made with bourbon.  This got me thinking about what are some great drams to have in the summer.

Now the Amateur Drammer wrote about a single malt that he enjoyed with rising temperatures.  Me personally, apart from a decent whisky cocktail, I enjoy blends and bourbons in the summer time.  I’ll explain why…

When I drink single malts, I typically enjoy them with a splash of water.  But with blends and bourbons I enjoy them with ice.  I think this is great when the temperatures are rising.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I wont have a single malt in the heat, with ice, but I’ve found that I seem to enjoy the blends a bit more.  Bourbons, for me, seem to go well with hotter climates- in fact, they seem to made for it.

Summer and Whisky on the Rocks Pic courtesy Pixabay
Summer and Whisky on the Rocks
Pic courtesy Pixabay

Now a great whisky cocktail will take this to another level.  We discussed the mint julep already.  There’s also the whisky sour.  At a The Glenlivet event, I was introduced to a ‘summer spritzer’ which was simple to make and very refreshing.

Refreshing… that’s the word I was looking for when it came to a summer dram!  In the summer evenings, I love to be outside, even if it is a little warmer.  And I want a drink that will be refreshing in that heat.

More recently, I’ve been enjoying Teacher’s Highland Cream, thanks to the recommendation of Simon Brooking.  In the past, I’ve also enjoyed blends like the Famous Grouse, Johnnie Walker Black and Double Black, and Dewar’s in the summer.  As for bourbons, I’ve enjoyed Maker’s Mark, Angel’s Envy, and Blanton’s in the summer.  All of these were very easy and refreshing with ice or in a cocktail.

So what dram do you enjoy in the heat?  How do you like to refresh yourself with a whisky drink?  Let me and others know in the comments.

Thanks as always for reading my post.  It means a lot to me.  I would really appreciate it if you enjoyed this post to share it with your friends.  But what’s more important is to stay safe and truly enjoy the dram you are getting to know.  So get in the know about your summer drams responsibly.

4 thoughts on “Summer Drams

  1. I love whisky cocktails and I am more likely to make one in the summer. My go to blending Scotch is Dewar’s 12. I have a whole page devoted to cocktails on my website, but here is a good one for you:

    The Cure (also known as Penicillin, but in a slightly different form)
    2 oz blended Scotch Whisky
    3/4 oz Ginger Syrup
    3/4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
    1/8 oz Laphroaig Scotch
    Ice Cubes, Small Wine Glass, Cocktail Shaker

    Place 2-4 ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Measure ginger syrup first so subsequent liquids will help dissolve any remaining syrup in measure. Add to shaker. Then measure lemon juice and add, then blended Scotch and add to shaker. Cover and shake well. Pour entire contents into small wine glass and float 1/8 oz of Laphroaig Scotch on top. Sometimes I add a little more ice if there is room in the glass. Careful – these are so delicious you can really knock your socks off in a hurry as they pack a punch! Enjoy!

    1. jerrydmann

      Thank you so much, Catherine, for sharing The Cure! This is a great cocktail! I went to your site and saw the cocktails link. Yes, it is full of great cocktail recipes.
      Here’s the link for everyone:

  2. Three step process for a great summer dramming setting:

    1) Start an outdoor fire
    2) Grab a classic Laphroaig 10
    3) Stir with friends/family


    1. jerrydmann

      This is an AMAZING summer dram session! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

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