An Evening with Scotch Trooper

An Evening with Scotch Trooper

I had a scheduled work trip to Atlanta.  And for a guy from Houston, this was a galaxy far away.  So I decided to get in touch with Brett, aka Scotch Trooper.

On the heels from his trip to Lucas Films in San Francisco, Troop took some time out to meet with me. We chose a small bar and restaurant in the outskirts of Atlanta to meet up.  It was a great evening filled with high spirits.

We started the evening with a couple of bourbons, Brett had a Blanton’s and I had a Basil Hayden.  It was kind of funny meeting him in person finally, after interacting with him for so long online. And we began talking whisky immediately.

Scotch Trooper © 2016 dMann's Whisky Pages
Sample given to me by Scotch Trooper © 2016 dMann’s Whisky Pages


Brett told me about his journey into whisky and then into the dark side of scotch- peat.  Like many people I’ve met that love the water of life, Trooper was a lover of craft beers.  Several years ago, he began to drift away from craft beers and his friends encouraged him to discover whisky.

Brett said that he wasn’t really interested in whisky.  But one evening, on a trip with the guys, Scotch Trooper decided to take the plunge and began to try whisky… with a single malt.  He said that he was hooked since then.

Joining the Dark Side

Scotch Trooper said that he remained with the Highland/ Speyside malts, with the Balvenie Doublewood making an impact on him.  Like me, Brett said the Balvenie made him move from a whisky drinker to a whisky lover.  But the peated whiskies remained a mystery.

He picked up a bottle of Laphroaig and tried it and didn’t care for it very much.  In fact, he said that he didn’t like it all.  But he really wanted to know what was the lure of the dark side.

So one day, on a family trip, he took the peated whisky with him (and had another bottle as back up) and decided to try it out on that trip.  He poured himself a dram and sat outside and looked out to the beach.  He took a sip and says that’s when it hit him.  The outdoors, the beach, the sea, the dram.  He got the lure of the dark side.  This is reminiscent of a story that I heard Dave Broom tell about working at the Bowmore distillery.  Broom said when he had a dram outside, on the beach, he got it, “It just clicked.”

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The First Order

Scotch Trooper began combining his love for photography, whisky and Star Wars quite a while back.  He said that he did that, and began the ‘Scotch Trooper’ side as a way to bring a lighter side to whisky drinking, especially scotch.  Brett said that it was his way of enjoying scotch and avoiding the stuffiness and affectedness that many people associate with the drink.  By bringing a lighter side to the water of life, he felt that could bring the enjoyable side of the same to others.  And this combination of his multiple loves found him at whisky events, distilleries, Scotland, and Lucas Arts!

Scotch Trooper © 2016 dMann's Whisky Pages
With Brett aka Scotch Trooper © 2016 dMann’s Whisky Pages

We grabbed some bites.  We had to get something with bacon on it, as we discussed Scotch Trooper’s Laphroaig Bacon recipie.  We ended the evening by toasting with a Balvenie 14 year Carribean Cask.

Scotch Trooper © 2016 dMann's Whisky Pages
An evening with Scotch Trooper © 2016 dMann’s Whisky Pages

Brett left me with a gift.  A special bottling of Tullibardine.  Look out for tasting notes!

I can’t say it enough how great it was to meet Brett, Scotch Trooper.  He’s such a great, easy going guy.  A great member of #whiskyfabric … and I look forward to our next meeting.

6 thoughts on “An Evening with Scotch Trooper

  1. That is so awesome! The #whiskyfabric is getting woven a little tighter, now! Thanks for sharing this story and for taking the time to write it up so quickly! Now I want to have an excuse to go to Atlanta!

    1. jerrydmann

      Thanks for the kind words Catherine. Yes, you need to go to Atlanta as well!

  2. Laura Innis

    Such a good read, and I love it when #whiskyfabric meet up like this! Hope we all get to do the same one day. 🙂

    1. jerrydmann

      Thanks for the kind words, Laura. Yes, hopefully we can do a get together someday soon.

  3. Sanji

    I am glad you got to meet him. I am sure you had more to talk than what’s mentioned here.

    1. jerrydmann

      Lol! Yes, we talked quite a bit more than that. Some not fit to print.

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