5 Dram Fridays 2.32

5 Dram Fridays 2.32

Five Dram Fridays

The Newsletter for dMann’s Whisky Notebook

© 2016 dMann's Whisky Pages
© 2016 dMann’s Whisky Pages

Volume 2                                          http://whisky.dmanntraining.com                                     Issue 32

5 Dram Fridays is a list of five things that I find very interesting in the world of whisky and booze.  I may also include some things that I find interesting in general.  It’s just a way to share with you some of the things I’ve scoured over the net.  The intention here is for you to take a sip of your whisky and read a short article or whatever.  5 sips and you’re done!  Or better yet, have a friend join you and you can talk about these topics in between sips.  I’m sure they’ll make for lively conversation!

Let’s start sipping…

  1. Why one Scotsman feels the world needs Jack Daniels
  2. Wine and whisky made me do it!
  3. This Glenlivet is a big gun
  4. The Cat in the Hat is back… with rye
  5. The Wee Dram Girl visits tells us a Canadian whisky story

And with that final dram, I say ‘Cheers!’ and I wish all of you all the best ‘til next time.  Thanks for subscribing to this newsletter. As you know, it’s totally free.  If you enjoyed it, please don’t forget to share it with your friends. Share the love with them… If you have any suggestions for topics, please feel free to let me know.

Thanks for joining me and now I must close this issue of Five Dram Fridays.  I would like this to develop into something that will allow you to get a few ‘sips’ in the world of whisky and spirits.  I hope to come up with some sort of cool tagline that I can close with here also.  But until then, I would like to remind everyone that those who are sipping, sip their drams responsibly.

Warm regards,


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