Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Angel’s Envy Bourbon

With all the devastation that Hurricane Mathew brought, I couldn’t help but think a lot about my friend and fellow #whiskyfabric buddy, Florida Scotch Lover, Jared.  He lives near the Florida coast and luckily he and his family survived Hurricane Mathew.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected; especially those in Haiti.

Florida Scotch Lover gave his thoughts on a lovely bourbon a while back and encouraged us to join him in trying it out.  So I picked up a bottle of the same.  It’s Angel’s Envy by Henderson Distillers, bottled in Kentucky.  The label says it’s batch # 250 and bottle # 470. The interesting thing about this bourbon is that it is finished in Port wine casks.  It’s also bottled at a decent 43.3% ABV.

Let’s pour out a dram, shall we? It’s a nice dark amber on pouring it out.  There’s a light coat ring on swirling and some nice legs as well.

Angel's Envy © 2016 dMann's Whisky Pages
Angel’s Envy © 2016 dMann’s Whisky Pages

On nosing this bourbon, there are a lot of vanilla notes, oak, caramel, and toffee.  What I thought was interesting, and odd at the same time, was there were a lot of banana notes on nosing this dram. On taking a sip, there are some continued banana notes, port, plum, vanilla, oak, sweet cream, and honey.

I added a few drops of water to the Angel’s Envy.  On nosing it, I noticed the banana notes reduced.  There was an increase in caramel, and the vanilla and oak notes continue.  Tasting the dram with water really opens it up.  There is an increased sweetness and creaminess.  The notes of banana are reduced.  The vanilla and oak notes continued.  This really feels very nice and rounded and palate.

The finish is really lovely with this dram.  It’s long on flavor on the palate with lingering cream and oak notes.  Well rounded.

Before I continue, I just want to say something…. I just want to say thank you so much for reading my notebook.  This truly means a lot to me and I truly appreciate it.  I really enjoy sharing my love for this liquid and I hope that’s translated across the pages of my notebook.  If you’ve liked what you’ve read, I ask that you share the love and let others know.  They don’t need to be whisky lovers.  They can also be like me, a beginner in the whisky journey. Thanks again.  Now let’s get back to the dram!

So I give Angel’s Envy a 90 out of 100 points.  Overall, I found this a very easy drinking dram and didn’t have the very sweet punch that I expected from a bourbon.  It’s not too sweet which I really like.  I think the port barrel finishing helps in the rounding of this bourbon.  Did I say it’s very easy to drink?  I loved it, especially with ice!  I found this really nice to drink in the hotter months and I look forward to trying this out in a cocktail.


6 thoughts on “Angel’s Envy Bourbon

  1. Terry Schell

    Informative and entertaining at the same time! Thanks, Jerry!!!


    1. jerrydmann

      Thanks for the kind words Terry.

  2. Another great entry, Jerry! Iknow Mr. Scotch is busy with hurricane clean up and will be back with us and Angel’s Envy soon. It was great to have your article to hold us over. I love how you want to bring everyone along with you on this journey! I feel the same way! I love weaving our whisky fabric and all the activities that go along with that!

    1. jerrydmann

      Thanks Catherine! Let’s raise one for the Whiskyfabric!

  3. Rick Bell

    I first tried Angels Envy at WoW Houston 2015. I was intrigued enough to pick up a bottle for a more thorough examination. I actually concur with most of your comments. I didn’t notice the banana, but I might if I tried it again, perhaps I missed it. I guess I’ll start with the positive points. It’s not a weak drink (like SoCo for example), it’s more complex than I would have expected, and it’s relatively well balanced. I did get hints of oak (but not too oaky), a bit of vanilla, maybe a light bit of leather. It was complex enough and balanced enough that I could sip on it and continue to enjoy through a glass or three (lol).

    Now for the negatives. I found it to be a bit heavy on the sweetness, not sickly sweet (again like SoCo), but just a bit more than I prefer. I got a pretty strong Black Currant taste that I never could shake. It wasn’t like a bad whisky aftertaste, just a longer lingering taste than I would have preferred. It was almost to the point of drinking like a flavored whisky, not quite, not kinda. I’m not anti-flavored whisky, it’s just not my usual drink of choice. That’s really about the worst I can say for Angels Envy, which isn’t bad. I’d certainly feel good about recommending it to anyone, expecially those with a sweet tooth when it comes to whisky.

    In closing, I bought it partly based on my love of a good Port. While it does capture some of the Port flavor, it comes across stronger than I would prefer. Certainly not a bad drink, and it’s something I’d order at a bar if the mood hit me, but I doubt I’d buy a bottle for home sipping.

    1. jerrydmann

      Thanks for the comments Eric! This is why I do what I do. I like to hear other’s comments and thoughts and I think it’s good for others to hear the same!

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